data-* Attributes

data-* attributes provide an alternate interface for the plugin to specify what exactly should happen, providing a simple and Vue version-compatible API. They are useful if you do not like to pass complex expressions to the directive.

Attribute                                       Description
data-vv-as Specifies a pretty name for the field.
data-vv-delay Specifies the delay amount in milliseconds for triggering the validation.
data-vv-name Specifies a name for the field, used in components validation and as a fallback name for inputs.
data-vv-scope Specifies a scope for the field. See here for more information about scopes.
data-vv-value-path Specifies the value path within a component $data to retrieve the component current value. Only used for components.
data-vv-validate-on Used to specify a list of event names separated by pipes, the default varies by the type of the input.