Backend Validation

You might need to also use your Laravel/Express or whatever back-end as your validation provider for numerous reasons, like checking if an email is unique since it is hard to implement on the client-side, we can achieve this using a custom rule and the reasoning feature:

import axios from 'axios'; // great ajax library.
import { Validator } from 'vee-validate';

const isUnique = (value) => {
  return'/api/validate/email', { email: value }).then((response) => {
    // Notice that we return an object containing both a valid property and a data property.
    return {
      data: {

// The messages getter may also accept a third parameter that includes the data we returned earlier.
Validator.extend('unique', {
  validate: isUnique,
  getMessage: (field, params, data) => {
    return data.message;

The following demo shows how it would work in action, note that it will only trigger if the user entered a valid email since the validator early exits upon first failure.

Since there is no real DB in this example, it's being simulated by a dynamic array.