Painless Vue forms

VeeValidate is the most popular Vue.js form library. It takes care of value tracking, validation, errors, submissions and more.

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Offers both declarative components or composable functions API.

vee-validate sets up the foundation for you to form in whatever style you prefer.


vee-validate can do a lot if you let it. Like tracking values, validation, handling submissions and more.

You may opt-in or out to all of these aspects. You are in control of how much form code you write.

Great DX

Vue.js devtools support.

vee-validate makes debugging forms much easier and less of a wild goose chase every time that form does not submit.

Works with your favorite UI framework


Listed libraries are ones with official examples, find more UI frameworks and libraries here.


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  • Form-level validation
  • Field-level validation
  • Array fields
  • UI Agnostic
  • Higher-order Components
  • Composition API
  • Async validators
  • Backend API errors
  • Form Submissions
  • Flexible validator API
  • State-store friendly
  • Vue Devtools integration

Do more with less

In this example, value tracking, validation and submissions are handled in just a few lines of code