VeeValidate maps HTML elements and Vue components that are under validation to instances of fields, while this class not exposed to be used publicly you can find Its API very useful if you are planning to do some lower-level actions.


Any undocumented properties/methods are not intended for public use.

Getting the field instance

Getting a field instance is straightforward, you can use the Validator.fields.find method to get the field instance.

// find the field which has a matching name of 'email'
const field = this.$validator.fields.find({ name: 'email' });

// find the field which has a name of email and is in the 'newsletter' scope.
const field = this.$validator.fields.find({ name: 'email', scope: 'newsletter' });

// or use the id to find the field if it is known to you.
const field = this.$validator.fields.find({ id: 'fieldId' });



Careful when using the field API, as it may disrupt the validator operations and may produce unintended results.



Name Type Default Description
id string null The id of the field (automatically generated).
el HTMLElement null The element that is the HTML input or the root element of the component being validated.
updated boolean false Indicates if the field should be re-scanned to update its properties like validation rules.
watchers Watcher[] [] Array of wrappers for the event listeners being used by the field instance.
events string[] [] List of events that trigger validation.
rules { [string]: Object } {} A map of rules/params being used to validate the field.
validity boolean false Whether the HTML Constrained API should be used to apply error messages.
aria boolean true If aria-required and aria-invalid attributes should be set/updated after validation.
vm Vue instance null The context component that is using the directive in its template.
component Vue instance null The component being validated if it is one.
ctorConfig VeeValidateConfig null A scoped config for the field.
flags { [string]: boolean } {} A string/boolean map of the field current flags state.
alias string null A readonly prop for alternative name to be used by the field.
getter () => any null A getter function that returns the current field value.
name string null The field name.
scope string null The field scope.
targetOf string null The id of the field targeting this field for validation (confirmed/before/after).
initial boolean false If this field should be validated upon creation.
classes boolean false If flags based classes should be applied on the HTML input.
classNames Object {} A map containing flag name / class names to be applied based on flags.
delay number 0 The amount of delay for this field events triggers.
listen boolean true If this field should have listeners.
model { expression: string, lazy: boolean } null Contains info about the model being bound to this field using v-model.
value any () => undefined A readonly version of the getter prop.
isRequired boolean true | false Readonly indicator if the field is required. (has required rule)
isDisabled boolean true | false Readonly indicator if the field is disabled (skips validation).
validator Validator null Readonly reference to the validator instance that created this field.
rejectsFalse boolean false If required rule should fail when false is provided as a value.


Signature Return Type Description
matches(options: FieldMatchOptions) boolean Checks if the field matches the specified matching object criteria.
update(options: FieldOptions) void Updates the field properties and re-adds the listeners and syncs the classes applied.
reset() void Resets the field flags to their initial state.
setFlags(flags: { [string]: boolean }) void Updates the field flags and also updates the specified field counterparts eg. valid/invalid.
unwatch(tag?: RegExp) void Removes the listeners that has a matching tag or removes all if none is provided.
updateClasses() void Syncs the classes being applied on the element with the flags if enabled.
updateAriaAttrs() void Syncs the aria attributes applied on the element with the flags if enabled.
updateCustomValidity() void Syncs the constrained API validation message with the first error message for this field.
destroy() void Removes all listeners and dependencies of the field.