vee-validate exposes global configs to help with a few repeated or certain behaviors that needs to be set app-wide.

Config Options

bailsbooleanWhether to run validations to completion or quit on the first, default is true. Doesn’t affect yup schemas
generateMessage(ctx: FieldValidationMetaInfo) => stringA message generator function for i18n libraries and a fallback for rules with no messages. For more information about the FieldValidationMetaInfo type and the purpose of this, see the Global Message Generator Guide
validateOnBlurbooleanIf validation should be triggered on blur event, default is true
validateOnChangebooleanIf validation should be triggered on change event, default is true
validateOnInputbooleanIf validation should be triggered on input event, default is false
validateOnModelUpdatebooleanIf validation should be triggered on update:modelValue (v-model) event, default is true

This is slightly verbose, but this gives you exact control on which events triggers validation.

Updating The Config

You can change the global config using the configure function exposed by vee-validate passing any options that you need to change. You can call that function at any time during runtime but the changes will take effect for new Field and useField afterwards.

Here is an example:

jsimport { configure } from 'vee-validate';

  bails: false,


Note that the following config do not affect useField, they only apply to the <Field /> component:

  • validateOnBlur
  • validateOnChange
  • validateOnInput
  • validateOnModelUpdate