Dynamic Rules

Sometimes your validation rules may change depending on arbitrary reasons in you app, for example maybe you have a field that is required when the user checks a box.

The ValidationProvider component automatically watches the rules prop and whenever it changes it will trigger validation if the field has been validated before. Meaning not only you can create very versatile form validation rules but you can dynamically apply them.

So you can do the following:


    <ValidationProvider :rules="`${required ? 'required' : ''}`" v-slot="{ errors }">
      <input v-model="value" type="text" />
      <span>{{ errors[0] }}</span>
    <div><input type="checkbox" v-model="required" /> Is Required?</div>

export default {
  data: () => ({
    value: '',
    required: false

The previous sample will work, but it is very verbose. You can utilize the rules object expression for better readability and versatility, here such an example:

Is Required?