You may need to configure some options to tweak some of the plugin internals. You don't have to configure anything to get validation going but some defaults may require adjusting.

import { configure } from 'vee-validate';

const config = {
  classes: {
    valid: 'is-valid',
    invalid: 'is-invalid'
  bails: true,
  skipOptional: true,
  mode: 'aggressive',
  useConstraintAttrs: true

// Sets the options.

You can update the config with the configure method at any time during your app life-cycle.


Property Type Default Description
classes object The classes to be applied depending on the state of the input.
mode string 'aggressive' Sets the interaction mode to one of the predefined modes.
bails boolean true Whether failed validations should exit or all rules are run to completion.
skipOptional boolean true Optional fields with empty values will be excluded from validation.
useConstraintAttrs boolean true Enables rule inference on native HTML inputs.
defaultMessage string | () => string "{_field_} is not valid." The fallback message for rules without messages.